Producer: IN-EKO TEAM s. r. o., Czech Republic.
Solutions for WWTP, pretreatment before UV water disinfection, pretreatment of potable water, industrial applications, fish farms, zoos, irrigation, etc.
- removal of TSS, parasitic eggs, algae, reduction of P, BOD and COD
- filter cloth with mesh opening sizes ranging from 5 μm
- high filter capacity up to 1180 l/s
- exceptionally low energy consumption
- low operating costs
- inovative highly effective backwash system
- easy operation - exceptionally fast and easy replacement of filter segments.

Producer: IN-EKO TEAM s. r. o., Czech Republic.
Solutions for WWTP, paper mills, textile industry, power and heating plants, fish farms, ZOOs, irrigation, etc.
- reduction of TSS, P, COD, BOD
- filter cloth with mesh opening sizes ranging from 10 μm
- high filter capacity up to 300 l/s
- effective backwash system
Innovation of filtration segments - “CLI-CLO” system - The principle is based on a uniform supporting cartridge with a variable filter cloth for all filter sizes. The filtration cartridge can be installed very quickly without any fastening elements or tools => saves time and costs.

Producer: IN-EKO TEAM s. r. o., Czech Republic.
Solutions for WWTP, industrial applications, pump protection in pump sumps
- installation suitable for very small and narrow spaces
- removal of screenings from 1 mm and up to 10 m deep
- highly effective for removing coarse impurities, especially non-woven and fibrous materials
- capture and transport of screenings
- automation instead of screens basket
- significant variability of connection methods and length of the screw conveyor
- fully automatic system
- optional version - insulation and heating

Producer: Teledyne ISCO.

Producer: Česká voda - MEMSEP, a.s., CZECH REPUBLIC.

Producer: Veolia Water Technologies.

Exhibitor: DHI a.s.

Producer: DHI A/S.

Producer: INSA s.r.o., Czech Republic.
New portable handheld instrument for measurement of oxygen, pH/ORP, ISE, conductivity (TDS, SALINITY) and temperature suitable for field and for precise laboratory measurement. Optical as well as electrochemical oxygen sensor. USB and Bluetooth. Docking station. Data logger. Small dimensions, low weight.

Producer: Kamstrup A/S, Denmark.
High performance, unique functions, that is this intelligent water meter of the new generation. Its design is based on the iconic model MULTICAL ® 21. The ultrasonic measurement principle is a guarantee of high accuracy and long-term reliability. The water meter is equipped with new acustic leak detection technology (ALD). The dual display shows the current flow rate, the communication interface offers the new linkIQ ® communication protocol. Due to the redesigned construction and lower energy consumption, it has a structural height of only 54 mm.

Producer: Kamstrup A/S, Denmark.
A combination of performance and unique functions in a robust design for larger dimensions. Battery life time up to 20 years. Due to its large design and mechanical resistance, it is a suitable solution for large pipe dimensions. Easy to read display, large space for data recording, wM-Bus/linkIQ or IoT interface. The possibility of connecting to an evaluation unit or equipped with a cable with pulse output. The robust design with the highest degree of protection IP68 ensures resistance in case of short-term or permanent flooding.

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