Producer: SIGRIST-PHOTOMETER AG, Switzerland.
SIGRIST BactoSense is an automatic flow cytometer for online monitoring of the number of microbial cells in water. For the first time, it is possible to continuously monitor the microbial quality of water in order to optimize the processes of its treatment and distribution. SIGRIST BactoSense can count the number of cells per ml, but it is also divided into small and large cells or live and dead cells.

Producer: ZIKMUND electronics, s.r.o., Czech Republic.
Hi-tech inspection camera built on the latest technologies. Advantages: small size, replaceable cable drums, Wifi control, Wifi video transmission, power network and battery operation, removable batteries, ergonomics control, exceptional design.

Producer: Čížová Brewery in cooperation with VEOLIA ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA, a.s.
The pale unfiltered non-pasteurized lager produced by Čížová Brewery in cooperation with Veolia company from the super pure recycled water under the brand Rko represents the unique exhibit, first of its kind in the Czech Republic. The goal of this product is to popularize circular economy.

Producer: VWS MEMSEP s.r.o., CZ
Testing ultrafiltration unit with capacity of 3m3/n. Suitable for testing of the efficiency for specific treated water and also for collection of the operation data for specification of the suggested parameters of the realized technology.

Producer: Pražské vodovody a kanalizace, a.s., CZ
This exhibit was introduced during VOD-KA 2017 exhibition for the first time, the newest optimised version, incl. logistic and distribution systems, provides packaged potable water from quality artesian drinking water well in Káraný, which is distributed under emergency or to the endangered customers in the capital city of Prague in cooperation with Red Cross and the Police of the Czech Republic.

Producer: Primayer Ltd.
Enigma3 hyQ is a variant of the Eanigma3m automatic correlation system for location of malfunction mainly on feeders, extremely long sections or plastic water piping. This special correlator variant is equipped with hydrophone, that is designed to record mostly low noise frequencies. Thank to this ability it can correlate malfunctions to the distance of several kilometres! Several days correlation function analyses and compares every day measurements.

Producer: Grundfos, Denmark
CR XL product line represents a new generation of vertical, multi-stage centrifugal in-line pumps offering higher efficiency and reliability thanks to improved construction. CR XL pumps product line is used for water supplies as well as for nearly every industrial solution, including high pressure ones.

Producer: B&BC a.s. Monolithic seamless shaft bottoms B&BC Excelent DN 800- DN 1500 can be produced with any cunette shape or height as well as with any type and location of shaped joints for branch pipelines. Cunette and adjacent lining can be made from concrete, basalt or stoneware. Products have valid Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) Certificate. Shaft bottoms are manufactured from C 40/50 XF4+XA1 concrete, custom made from XF4+XA3 concrete following the Czech Technical Standards.

Producer: HUTIRA-BRNO, s.r.o., Czech republic.
Small water - measuring shefts MODULO allow to complete installation, reading and exchange of water meters with out necessity to enter the shaft.

Producer: IBOS a.s., Czech Republic.
Mobile colour push-rod camera system designed for monitoring of home sewerage including connections in diameter DN 50-300. The camera system can be used with axial or rotary camera head, there are several options of control unit in our offer. Reinforced cable enables manual inserting of the camera into the pipe.

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