Producer: Culligan Italy SpA, Italy.
Automatic filter for remove iron, manganese, turbidity, arsenic, nickel, dechloration, organic matter sorption according to the used filter media.

Producer: EMEC S.r.l., Italy.
Manual venting, Foot mounted, with display
- Stepper motor-driven diaphragm dosing pump, mechanical actuated
- Turndown ratio 1:4800
- Slow suction modes (4x) for viscous media
- Color status display
- Power supply 110 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
- Manual degassing valve (PVDF and PP pump heads)
- Double ball check valve

Producer: BLUCAST, Luthuania.
Cast iron gate valves with fully rubbered wedge are design for closing/ opening the flow of drinking water or nonaggression sewage at the temperature of 70°C and the pressure up to 16 bar. 7 years BLUCAST quality warranty.

Producer: BLUCAST, Lithuania.
Stainless steel stem with rolled thread, complete drainage after cut - off the flow. Monolithic stand pipe made of ductile cast iron pipe DN80. EPDM fully vulcanized valve plug. Corrosion resistant internal and external parts, epoxy coating minimum 250 microns. 7 years BLUCAST quality warranty.

Producer: Hauff - Technik GmbH, Germany.
HSD - SSG pipe seals are designed to seal pipes with an outside diameter of 18 - 65 mm. The seals are provided with segmental rings that allow for quick and easy adaptation to the diameters of the pipe. They can also be used to blank out unused (reserve) holes. The seals reach a tightness of up to 5 bar.

Producer: Grundfos, Denmark.
Product line SP is suitable for all applications, where the groundwater needs to be pumped. It is made exclusively from stainless steel and is appreciated for its efficiency, low maintenance costs and unrivalled reliability. The line offers reliable solution even for demanding pumping applications from groundwater sources and tanks, including wide range of accessories, from motor protections to frequency inverters. Everything is designed for an easy operation and optimal co-operation with pumps.

Producer: IN-EKO TEAM s. r. o.
- reduction of TSS, P, COD, BOD, parazites
- use in WWTP, fish farms, food and paper industry, recycling of
cooling water in power plants, recovering of valuable
substances from process water.
- filtration of large flows up to 730 l/s
- filtration from 10 μm, special applications from 5 μm
- discs diameter 1,7 m and 2,2 m
- alternative to Microscreen Drum filters
- in combination with chemical precipitation provides great P
parameters on the plant effluent

Producer: IN-EKO TEAM s.r.o., Czech Republic.
- reduction of TSS, P, COD, BOD
- use in WWTP, paper mills, textile industry, power and heating
plants, fish farms, ZOOs, irrigation, etc.
- filter cloth with mesh opening sizes ranging from 20 μm
- high filter capacity up to 300 l/s
Innovation of filtration segments - “CLI-CLO” system
Patented innovative system of filtration cloth change. The principle is based on a uniform supporting cartridge with a variable filter cloth for all filter sizes. The filtration cartridge can be installed very quickly without any fastening elements or tools => saves costs.

Producer: PROTOK LTD, Croatia.
Software module for water supply companies that enables water loss monitoring in accordance with IWA methodology in the GIS environment. It includes a software link to SCADA system that imports measurement data from permanent (and portable) measuring equipment (flow, pressure, level, noise) and performs calculations combining these data with data on water supply network, DMAs, service connections, consumption .. that are available in the GIS.

Producer: Monitoring, s.r.o., Czech Republic.
We perform groundwater analysis and detection of wide range of pesticides used in agriculture for crops treatment (rapeseed, beet, potatoes and others).

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