Producer: SSI / Ecopolymer, USA / Ukrajina.

Exhibitor: IBOS a.s.

Producer: IBOS a.s., Czech Republic.

Producer: Luna Plast a.s.

Producer: Hawle Service GmbH.

IIlustration of the workflow for creating a model of the existing state of a facility, object, or building using a portable 3D laser scanner and then processing the point cloud into a building information model.


Producer: Proteus Instruments.

Producer: IN-EKO TEAM s. r. o., Czech Republic.
Solutions for WWTP tertiary stage, pretreatment before UV, pretreatment of potable water, industrial applications, fish farms, zoos, irrigation, etc.
- removal of TSS, algae, reduction of P, BOD and COD
- filter cloth with filtration 5 - 10 μm
- high filter capacity up to 600 l/s
- 100% use of filtration surface - fully immeresed
- small footprint
- exceptionally low energy consumption
- low maintenance costs
- low operating costs
- exceptionally low noise pollution
- continous filtration without interruption.

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