Exhibitor: INSA s.r.o.

Producer: Handy instrument suitable for field (WWTP, ponds, fish tanks, rivers, lakes) and laboratory measurements of oxygen, pH/ORP, ISE, conductivity, TDS and temperature. Excellent optical oxygen sensor. Data logger. USB. Supply - 3xAAA, USB, adapter. COG graphic display with backlight. Handy case for field measurements. Small size low weight.

JetCam built-in(news)
Exhibitor: IBOS a.s.

Producer: IBOS a.s., Czech Republic.
Built-in JetCam is a combination of high-pressure machine and CCTV system CamBoss. One van enables sewerage cleaning and its subsequent monitoring. Thanks to that, significant time and financial savings can be archieved. The technology is installed into the van type cars.

Producer: Gabex s.r.o., Czech Republic.
Compact equipment for residential spaces and family houses recycling greywater in a process that allows its reuse directly on the site of consumption.

Producer: Technoaqua, s.r.o., Czech Republic.
Different systems of flowmeasurement in overflow sewer without necessity of reconstruction.

Modular multiprobe which can measure up to 16 parameters in different application.

Producer: Ostendorf Kunststoffe, Germany. Sewage pipes and fittings are made from polypropylene, which grants them the ability to resist boiling water and solar radiation. The products conform to the CSN EN 1852-1 standard. Underground installations in locations with higher peak pressures - highway roads, extreme installation depths, locations with high groundwater levels. Due to the strengthened, homogenous wall of the 2000 Polypropylene® pipes and fittings, the value of their ring stiffness am

Producer: Ostendorf Kunststoffe, Germany. Effluent pipes and fittings are made from polypropylene with mineral content, which grants them the ability to reduce noise intensity. The products conform to the CSN EN 1451-1 standard. The noise levels that have been evidenced during the tests have been much lower than the requirement of the DIN 4109 - the standard that sets the noise conditions in areas that are to be protected from noise. The registered value of 21 dB(A) was even lower than the 25 d

Producer: ZIKMUND electronics, s.r.o., Czech Republic.
Inspection camera for quick inspection of sewers and manholes. Advantages: Wifi control, Wifi video transmission, battery operation, quick pipe inspection.

Producer: B&BC a.s., Czech Republic
Channeled pipe with integrated rubber sealings in the joint combines inner capacity profile and smaller dimension channel in the bottom part of flow profile (in water-stream) for transfer of smaller flow in higher speed. Channeled pipes are advantageous for their hydro-dynamic parameters, i.e. transfer of small flow (Q [m3/s]) by high speed (v [m/s]) – compared to the classical round profile without channel.

Výrobce: B&BC a.s., Czech Republic
Channeled pipes with integrated sealings combine inner profile of circular, larger dimensions pipes with channel of smaller dimensions (in the bottom part of flow profile). It brings a combination of circular and egg-shaped profiles hydraulic properties. Pipes are manufactured from C40/50 FX4+XA1 concrete, custom made from XF4+XA3 concrete. The entire flow profile is lined by basalt fittings.

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