Q-Eye PSC (news)
Exhibitor: Ekotechnika s.r.o.

Producer: GWF MessSysteme AG, Switzerland.
The Q-Eye PSC area velocity flow meter is designed for stationary flow monitoring of slightly to heavily polluted media in full or partially full pipesor open channels.It uses advanced Pulse-Coherent cross-correlation technology to directly evaluate velocity profiles, making it the best choice for sites with nonuniform or rapidly changing flow conditions. The profiling capacity, in combination with the integrated temperature compensation, eliminates the need for periodic on-site calibration. This significantly reduces the total costof ownership. Additionally, the Q-Eye PSC measures bi-directional flow over the entire measurement range and near zero flow velocities down to 0.04 m/s.The Q-Eye PSC is equipped with an integrated web server running a WebUI. One can display and manage the WebUI using the standard web browser on a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Producer: HUBER, Německo.
HUBER Rotamat® RoK4 vertical screens are used for the mechanical cleaning of wastewater in channel shafts (pumping stations) into which underground pipes open. They are delivered in several standard sizes for flow rates up to 100/230 l/s (with a cleaning fineness of 3/6 mm).
Due to the variable length, they can also be used for an inlet at a depth of approx. 8 m, they are equipped with an integrated slat press (optionally with a slat washer) and also heating for installation outside the building.

Producer: HUBER, Německo.
The mobile sludge dewatering unit with the Q-PRESS® 280 press including pumps, flocculation station and control is located in a 6t ALU case. The unit is capable of operation 24 h/day. Performance: 1-3 m3/h depending on the characteristics of the sludge.

Producer: Artichoke Biotech GmbH, Austria.
RAMSES is a fully equipped high-end laboratory including equipment and innovative software suite. Thanks to our well-thought-out, compact design, we can tailor to your individual needs, f.e. monitoring local companies produce quality, or longterm laboratory construction. RAMSES is a self-sufficient, maintenance-free laboratory with many customization options such as solar panels on the roof, or a water treatment plant and many more.

Exhibitor: Artichoke Biotech GmbH

Producer: Artichoke Biotech GmbH, Austria.
AquaScan provides a comprehensive wastewater surveillance service for cities, regions, companies, and hospitals. The service features automated sample collection and sophisticated pathogen, metabolite, and heavy metal detection capabilities. The resulting data is presented to clients via personalized dashboards and raw data, with analysis support available. This early warning system enables clients to proactively manage pathogenic substances in their wastewater and implement customized measures.

Exhibitor: HUTIRA s.r.o.

Producer: HUTIRA s.r.o., Czech Republic.
HUCS is a modern measurement and regulation system with remote management, based on PLC and SCADA technology, ideal for monitoring and controlling water treatment plants, gas boilers, and biogas stations. Sensors measure various parameters and allow for the creation of customized sets of monitored values. The system consists of PLC units and SCADA software, which enables easy remote management and monitoring. HUCS minimizes costs, improves operational efficiency, and allows for easy expansion due to its modular design. The entire system can be controlled via mobile devices.

Exhibitor: HUTIRA s.r.o.

Producer: HUTIRA s.r.o., Czech Republic.
Complete solution including fittings ready for quick and easy installation. Minimal excavation without the need for concreting. Handling by one person – saving installation costs. Frost resistence quarantee, no need to be additionally insulated. No need to enter the box (everything is accessible from the ground) when the water needs to be shut off, replaced and read the water meter. New also with a reducing valve and a cover with D400 load.

Producer: BELGICAST.
The latest generation of above-ground smart hydrants, designed for permanent water supply in cities and towns. Thanks to the smart hydrant, you will be in control of the water intake and have a clear overview of who and how much water has been taken. It helps to reduce the amount of unbilled water (It helps reduce unbilled water). The sophisticated design of the hydrant will not create turbidity in the water supply network.

Producer: Linde plc.
Flexible and simple solution for capacity increase in small- to medium-sized industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Producer: GEROtop spol. s r.o., Česká republika.
Penetrations as the simplest way of system penetration through vertical and horizontal structures. For KG/HT pipe systems.

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