Exhibitor: VODA CZ s.r.o.

Producer: VODA CZ s.r.o., Czech Republic.
ASP` s purpose is dewatering of sludge produced by small and middle size waste water treatment plants. Advantages of device are variable mobile construction and small built-up area.

Producer: Axioma Metering UAB, Lithuania.
Ultrasonic power measurement principle, ready for the Internet of Things, Equal Accuracy at All Mounting Positions, low starting flow, accuracy R100 / R250, AMR, NFC, LoRa, wMbus.

Producer: Axioma Metering UAB, Lithuania .
Ultrasonic power measurement principle, ready for the Internet of Things, Equal Accuracy at All Mounting Positions, Startup Flow of 1 Liter, Accuracy R400 / R800, AMR, NFC, LoRa, wMbus.

Producer: Saint-Gobain PAM, France.
The innovative VIATOP M NIVEAU cover comes with "Niveau" floating frames that ensure disconnection of frame vs shaft structure. The frame is rolled into asphalt pavement layers and thanks to the wide collar around the frame, the load from the traffic is distributed and transferred to the road construction without loading.This design together with the new relief of the cover surface ensures greater road safety and durability.

Producer: Saint-Gobain PAM, France.
An innovative version of the popular REXESS cover that comes with many improvements. Easier and ergonomic handling - unlock & lift with pick in one step. Easier installation with INSTALL PLUS tool. Extended durability provided by high performance gasket. And moreover a fully customizable area to
better & wider promote your identity.

Producer: SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG, Switzerland.
Portable photometer kit for measuring disinfectants in water treatment plants and water network, for applications in pharmaceutical and food industry (free chlorine, bound chlorine, ozone, bromine, iodine, chlorine dioxide, pH). Liquid reagents and droppers on the lids allow very easy operation. Measurement of disinfectants is rapid and very accurate thanks to liquid reagents even when measuring very low residual concentrations (it measures exactly from 0.00 mg / l).

Producer: Tracon International BV, Netherlands.
Our repair clamps are 100% stainless steel and are used for emergency and permanent repairs of holes, cracks, pitting or breaks in pipes. The standard range is from DN15 to DN600. The NBR gasket has a waffle structure to give a firm seal to irregularities on the pipe surface. EPDM and Viton gaskets are also available. The bolts are Teflon (PTFE) coated and protected with plastic caps. All parts are welded by robot to ensure consistent precision and high quality.

Producer: EUROSTANDARD S.p.A., Italy.
A wide range of electrofusion fittings is manufactured in dimensions from d 20 to d 900 mm and is suitable for pipe welding SDR 17.6 to SDR 7.4. Areas of application: water (16 bar), gas (10 bar), sewerage (0,5 - 2,5 bar), industry.

Producer: Primayer Ltdl, Great Britain.
Enigma3m is remote correlating noise loggers for automatic leak location. Enigma3m loggers send data abou noise to secure server. Algorithm analyse the data and show exact position of all water leaks from pipe in Google Maps. For leak location in large diameter pipes and over longer distances was developed special logger Enigma3m HyQ with high sensitivity hydrophone sensor.

Producer: KASI, spol. s r.o., Czech Republic.
Manhole covers KASI-PUR are covers with standard, non-hinged design with innovative damping gasket made of polyurethan on the cover. Thanks to gasket design and precise production these covers are gap-less, the gap between the cover and the frame is 0-1 mm and no metal parts are in contact. This reduces the movement in the frame, the noise when driven over, wearing of the gasket and clogging of the cover with problems during opening. We offer both casting and concrete-casting types.

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