Producer: Kamstrup A/S, Denmark.
A combination of performance, unique functions or sonic detection with a battery life time of up to 20 years. A new standard for the most demanding water applications. Easy to read display, large space for data recording. Many variants of communication interfaces in the wM-Bus/linkIQ or IoT standard. Possibility of connection to an evaluation unit or equipped with an impulse output. The durable design with the highest degree of protection IP68 will ensure resistance to short-term or permanent flooding.

Producer: CLA-VAL.
Top class cla-val reducing valves made with Swiss precision in Lausanne. Their clear advantage is a very wide type variability, reliable and long service life + accompanying service activities and massive technical support. In combination with the unique Francis microturbine, which enables operation in conditions without elektricity and, in addition, enabling to solve central power blackouts, so that customers are still supplied with drinking water without restrictions.

Producer: AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Austria.
For more than 40 years AGRU has manufactured and supplied high-grade thermoplastic solutions for the transport and storage of valuable water resources.
The HYDROCLICK system has been developed in cooperation with the Swiss company ETERTUB AG. This company has specialised in potable water applications from the tapping of springs to water storage for more than 30 years. The HYDROCLICK design provides a fast and safe installation for both, new constructions and renovations.

Producer: AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Austria.
PE 100-RC piping systems for gas, hydrogen and potable water distribution as well as sewage water disposal. Trenchless and sandbed-free installation possible. Available in dimensions up to OD 3500 mm.
AGRULINE fittings made of innovative material PE 100-RC are used to create connections that are permanently leakproof in PE 100 (-RC) piping systems. The resilient material means AGRULINE fittings can be installed without time- and cost expensive sand bedding.

Producer: meyer-POLYCRETE GmbH, Deutschland.
Polymer concrete POLYCRETE® egg profile pipes are extremely resistant, even when exposed to aggressive soils, waste water and gases (pH 0,5 - 14) and can securely withstand biogenic sulfuric acid. Egg profile with foot design enable thorough filling and compaction of the excavation. The integrated seal of the V4A stainless steel coupling enables a fast construction process.

Prodicer: Tiroler Rohre GmbH.
Tiroler Rohre GmbH is a traditional manufacturing company from Tyrol with more than 70 years of experience in the development, production and distribution of quality cast iron systems for water transport and deep foundation construction.

Producer: WILO SE.

Rausch REHAB(news)
Exhibitor: DISA s.r.o.

Exhibitor: Ekotechnika s.r.o.

Producer: GWF MessSysteme AG, Switzerland.
Sonico® EDGE has been developed for highly challenging measurements of demineralized to raw water flows in pressurized pipes. The product concept is modular and flexible in terms of overall mechanical design and communication. GWF's 4D technology® allows for Sonico® to be installed directly after or before 90° elbows, valves or pumps. Moreover, it measures best in class high and low flows (DN50: Start flow down to 0.005 m3/h and up to > 90 m3/h). Due to the clean and open 4D-shape pipe design, the measuring device has unparalleled low pressure loss.

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