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252 29
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Company profile

Instruments for measuring water level, flow and water quality. Instruments for hydrogeology and meteorology. Measuring systems for environmental diagnostics.

Represented brands

GWF MessSysteme AG / Švýcarsko
In-Situ Inc. / Spojené státy americké
Solinst Canada Ltd. / Kanada

News and exhibits

Producer: GWF MessSysteme AG, Switzerland. The Q-Eye PSC area velocity flow meter is designed for stationary flow monitoring of slightly to heavily polluted media in full or partially full pipesor open channels.It uses advanced Pulse-Coherent cross-correlation technology to directly evaluate velocity profiles, making it the best choice for sites with nonuniform or rapidly changing flow conditions. The profiling capacity, in combination with the integrated temperature compensation, eliminates the need for periodic on-site calibration. This significantly reduces the total costof ownership. Additionally, the Q-Eye PSC measures bi-directional flow over the entire measurement range and near zero flow velocities down to 0.04 m/s.The Q-Eye PSC is equipped with an integrated web server running a WebUI. One can display and manage the WebUI using the standard web browser on a smartphone, tablet or PC.
Producer: GWF MessSysteme AG, Switzerland. Sonico® EDGE has been developed for highly challenging measurements of demineralized to raw water flows in pressurized pipes. The product concept is modular and flexible in terms of overall mechanical design and communication. GWF's 4D technology® allows for Sonico® to be installed directly after or before 90° elbows, valves or pumps. Moreover, it measures best in class high and low flows (DN50: Start flow down to 0.005 m3/h and up to > 90 m3/h). Due to the clean and open 4D-shape pipe design, the measuring device has unparalleled low pressure loss.
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