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Address Příkop 843/4
602 00
Phones +420/ 601 222 558
Location Venkovní plocha 8
Hala 3 - 63

Company profile

For more than 27 years, we have represented world brands of plumbing and pipe fitting tools. We focus on localization technology, sewer cleaners and trenchless pipe rehabilitation methods. Business names/product branches: Ridge Tools Company / USA, Sewertronics / Spain, Boldan / Finland, IBAK / Germany.

News and exhibits

EXACT PipeCut AIR 360 Pneumatic Pipe Cutting Machine
Producer: Exact, Finland. A completely pneumatic pipe saw In Exact family. It is designed mainly for to be used to cut assembled pipes in a ditch, but it can be also used on the pipe supports like any other Exact pipe saw. This pneumatic pipe cutting machine has been designed and developed for the main purpose of cutting cement lined cast iron pipe material for repair and maintenance applications in the water utility market sector. The market demand behind it’s introduction onto the market was for an Air driven saw that cuts this type of pipe material in a fixed position underground with the pipe encapsulated with water.
Sewertronics SpeedyLight+
Producer: Sewertronics, Spain. The SpeedyLight+ LED curing system is a game changer in the sewer renovation market. Its revolutionary LED technology allows contractors to optimize their operations by increasing working efficiency at the job site up to six times. It is designed to cure felt liners, invertible glass-fiber liners and fibre-glass pull-in liners.Working diameters start at DN70 and the system is capable of effectively curing liners up to DN600. SpeedyLight+ LED features interchangeable curing heads for better maintenance and system cost optimization. Due to the low power consumption of the of LED technology, a SpeedyLight+ LED system can be powered from standard 220V mains or from any standard electrical source.
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