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Address Růžová 1386
252 19
Phones +420/ 311 611 356
E-mails obchod@vonroll-hydro.world
WWW www.vonroll-hydro.world
Location Hala 3 - 29

Company profile

Member of the group of leading European manufacturer of modular cast iron pipes and adapting pipes offers: - pipes from the ductile cast iron for water and sewage pipelines DN 80-1000, trenchless technologies, pressure distribution systems, snow-making systems and fireta-ins systems - complete range of socket and flanged adapting pipes with heavily anti-corrosion protected exterior and interior using powder epoxy according to GSK-RAL-GZ-662 - free technical consulting services in design development and construction process - service activities for troubleshooting the water network.

News and exhibits

Producer: vonRoll hydro, Switzerland. Small, handy and user-friendly leak detector with highly sensitive microphone Mobile device with outstanding measurement properties for prior localization and acoustic leak detection on pressurised pipes. Valves and fittings, hydrants, house connections, etc., are very straightforward to check during maintenance and checks, meter readings or specific searches for leaks.
LOG3000 BT
Producer: vonRoll hydro, Switzerland. LOG3000 BT is a mobile notebook correlator with excellent measurement characteristics for the precision acoustic location of leaks in pressurised water piping. The system can be used on all piping materials that are employed in the construction of piping networks (such as, for example, steel, castiron, plastics, cement etc.) in a precise and efficient way.
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