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Address Sokolská 464
330 22
Phones +420/ 377 199 104
+420/ 377 199 120
E-mails obchod@babc.cz
WWW www.babc.cz
Location Hala 3 - 44

Company profile

B&BC, a.s., Company belongs to the most important producers of concrete construction elements, transport-concrete and processed concrete reinforcements in the Czech Republic. The Company's legal predecessor dates back to 1949. The Company strives to respond to the customers' demands and to develop new products and technologies. We produce concrete circular products suitable for water management and treatment, comprehensive system of elements for de-watering, drainage and water storage. B&BC, a.s., produces self-compacting concrete, wire-concrete, XA3 and XF4 resistant concrete, basalt lining of pipes, basalt or stoneware lining of shafts. We comply with strict requirements for supplies to State Road Management (ŘSD), State Railroad Management (SŽDC) and Prague Water Supplies-Sewerage (PVK) constructions such as "Prague Standards" or "Water Supplies-Sewerage Standards of Mladá Boleslav".

News and exhibits

B&BC Bottom Excelent 80/100
Producer: B&BC a.s. Monolithic seamless shaft bottoms B&BC Excelent DN 800- DN 1500 can be produced with any cunette shape or height as well as with any type and location of shaped joints for branch pipelines. Cunette and adjacent lining can be made from concrete, basalt or stoneware. Products have valid Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) Certificate. Shaft bottoms are manufactured from C 40/50 XF4+XA1 concrete, custom made from XF4+XA3 concrete following the Czech Technical Standards.
B&BC Pipe TZHP 120-25/250 IT CV 360 SVC
Producer: B&BC a.s., Czech Republic Channeled pipe with integrated rubber sealings in the joint combines inner capacity profile and smaller dimension channel in the bottom part of flow profile (in water-stream) for transfer of smaller flow in higher speed. Channeled pipes are advantageous for their hydro-dynamic parameters, i.e. transfer of small flow (Q [m3/s]) by high speed (v [m/s]) – compared to the classical round profile without channel.
B&BC Pipe TZHP 120-30/250 IT
Výrobce: B&BC a.s., Czech Republic Channeled pipes with integrated sealings combine inner profile of circular, larger dimensions pipes with channel of smaller dimensions (in the bottom part of flow profile). It brings a combination of circular and egg-shaped profiles hydraulic properties. Pipes are manufactured from C40/50 FX4+XA1 concrete, custom made from XF4+XA3 concrete. The entire flow profile is lined by basalt fittings.
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