Address Zirmunu 66
Phones +37/ 052 735 865
+37/ 052 735 866
Location Hala 4 - 16

Company profile

Manufacturer and wholesaler of ductile iron valves, hydrants and fittings. Represented companies: BLUCAST. Business names/product branches: BLUCAST.

Represented brands


News and exhibits

Ductile iron gate valve
Producer: BLUCAST, Luthuania. Cast iron gate valves with fully rubbered wedge are design for closing/ opening the flow of drinking water or nonaggression sewage at the temperature of 70°C and the pressure up to 16 bar. 7 years BLUCAST quality warranty.
Underground hydrant
Producer: BLUCAST, Lithuania. Stainless steel stem with rolled thread, complete drainage after cut - off the flow. Monolithic stand pipe made of ductile cast iron pipe DN80. EPDM fully vulcanized valve plug. Corrosion resistant internal and external parts, epoxy coating minimum 250 microns. 7 years BLUCAST quality warranty.
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