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Address Edisonova 7
612 00
Phones +420/ 543 257 777
E-mails info@radeton.cz
WWW www.radeton.cz
Location Hala 4 - 39

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We supply technologies for cable and pipe locating, for prevention of water and gas leaks and cameras for inspections of water and sewage pipelines.

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Remote Correlating noise loggers for automatic leak location
Producer: Primayer Ltdl, Great Britain. Enigma3m is remote correlating noise loggers for automatic leak location. Enigma3m loggers send data abou noise to secure server. Algorithm analyse the data and show exact position of all water leaks from pipe in Google Maps. For leak location in large diameter pipes and over longer distances was developed special logger Enigma3m HyQ with high sensitivity hydrophone sensor.
Remote Correlating noise loggers for automatic leak location Enigma3 HyQ (hydrop
Producer: Primayer Ltd. Enigma3 hyQ is a variant of the Eanigma3m automatic correlation system for location of malfunction mainly on feeders, extremely long sections or plastic water piping. This special correlator variant is equipped with hydrophone, that is designed to record mostly low noise frequencies. Thank to this ability it can correlate malfunctions to the distance of several kilometres! Several days correlation function analyses and compares every day measurements.
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