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Address Komorovice 1
396 01
Phones +420/ 565 777 111
E-mails info@ostendorf-osma.cz
WWW www.ostendorf-osma.com
Location Hala 3 - 18

Company profile

The biggest Czech manufacturer of plastic pipe systems for indoor and outdoor sewerage.

News and exhibits

KG2000 Polypropylen
Producer: Ostendorf Kunststoffe, Germany. Sewage pipes and fittings are made from polypropylene, which grants them the ability to resist boiling water and solar radiation. The products conform to the CSN EN 1852-1 standard. Underground installations in locations with higher peak pressures - highway roads, extreme installation depths, locations with high groundwater levels. Due to the strengthened, homogenous wall of the 2000 Polypropylene® pipes and fittings, the value of their ring stiffness am
Skolan SAFE dB
Producer: Ostendorf Kunststoffe, Germany. Effluent pipes and fittings are made from polypropylene with mineral content, which grants them the ability to reduce noise intensity. The products conform to the CSN EN 1451-1 standard. The noise levels that have been evidenced during the tests have been much lower than the requirement of the DIN 4109 - the standard that sets the noise conditions in areas that are to be protected from noise. The registered value of 21 dB(A) was even lower than the 25 d
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