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Address Českolipská 9
412 01
Phones +420/ 416 711 111
+420/ 416 711 222
E-mails hennlich@hennlich.cz
WWW www.hennlich.cz
Location Hala 3 - 60

Company profile

Commercial company supplying fittings, pumping equipment, filtration and industrial nozzles for application in engineering, water management, chemistry, food processing, power engineering, metallurgy and the textile industry.

Represented brands

Georg Schünemann GmbH / Německo
SERA & RAIHIER GmbH / Německo
STRAUB GmbH / Švýcarsko

News and exhibits

Energy Indepondent Dosing Unit
Producer: HENNLICH s.r.o., Czech Republic. Insular dosing unit using ecological alternative electricity power source.
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