Duktus litinové systémy s.r.o., člen skupiny vonRoll infratec << back

Address Růžová 1386
252 19
Phones +420 311 611 356
+420 311 626 440
E-mails obchod@duktus.cz
WWW www.duktus.cz
Location Hala 3 - 27

Company profile

Member of the group of leading European manufacturer of nodular cast iron tubes and adapting pipes offers: - tubes from the ductile cast iron for water and sewage pipelines DN 80-1000, trenchless technologies, pressure distribution systems, snow-making systems - complete range of socket and flanged adapting pipes with heavily anti-corrosion protected exterior and interior using powder epoxy according to GSK-RAL-GZ-662 - free technical consulting services in design development and construction process - service activities for troubleshooting the water network
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