Exhibitors for the category "10.11. - Measuring equipment"

Hala 3 - 46

Hala 3 - 39

Hala 3 - 1

Water analysis instruments. Manufacturing of instruments for process field and laboratory measurements - oxygen, pH, ORP, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, turbidity, organic substances.

Hala 4 - 33

Measuring instruments for detection of hidden leaks in water distribution lines, reduction of losses, monitoring of network parameters and tracing of engineering networks routes.

We supply online water analyzers from the world's technology leaders. Represented companies: Process Instruments / Great Britain, PROTEUS Instruments / Great Britain, TETHYS Instruments / France.

Hala 3 - 7

Samplers, flow meters, probes, monitoring stations and analysers. Measuring of waste and surface water quality and quantity, measuring of flow at overflow.

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