Exhibitors for the category "1.6. - Groundwater sampling and monitoring"

Hala 3 - 9

Instruments for measuring water level, flow and water quality. Instruments for hydrogeology and meteorology. Measuring systems for environmental diagnostics.

We operate in the field of water management works, laboratory services, hydrogeological and geological works, rehabilitation and decontamination works, landfill reclamation and landscaping. We realize new sources of underground water, construction and reconstruction of water mains, sewers and ...

Hala 4 - 32

Manufacture, sale and service of cleaning and monitoring equipment for sewerage systems, recycling and combined vehicles, high-pressure nozzles, accessories, sewer robots. Business names/product branches: Prokasro Mechatronik GmbH, USB Düsen GmbH, Brandenburger GmbH & Co. KG, BRAWOLINER® - Karl ...

Hala 3 - 57

Accredited analyzes of drinking and waste water.

Hala 3 - 7

Samplers, flow meters, probes, monitoring stations and analysers. Measuring of waste and surface water quality and quantity, measuring of flow at overflow.

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