Exhibitors for the category "10. - Measuring, controlling and laboratory equipment"

Hala 3 - 57

We deliver instruments for the monitoring of parameters of drinking, service and waste water. Flow measurement in open profile and enclosed pipes, water sampling, operation analysers of TOC, TC, COD, TP, TN, BOD, Toxicity. Operation analysers for water treatment plants and boiler water. Measuring ...

Hala 4 - 38

Chromservis s.r.o. company is a fast and reliable partner for analytic problem solutions in laboratories and industrial applications. Main activities: process measurements of dissolvent oxygen concentration, conductivity, opacity and pH, measurement of bio-gas composition, gas detection (both ...

Globally active company focused on the development and production of top-level equipment for industrial measuring techniques: Liquid analysis: pH/ORP, chlorine, conductance, oxygen, turbidity, chemical analysis, etc. Flow measurements, pressure measurements, level measurements, temperature ...

Hala 3 - 37

Hala 3 - 1

Water analysis instruments. Manufacturing of instruments for processl and laboratory measurements - oxygen, pH, ORP, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, turbidity, organic substances.

Hala 4 - 69

Measuring instruments for detection of hidden leaks in water distribution lines, reduction of losses, monitoring of network parameters and tracing of engineering networks routes. Business names/product branches: VIVAX, SEBA KMT.

Analyzers for water treatment plants, automatic samplers, flue gas analyzers.