Exhibitors for the category "8.4. - Technological process control systems in water management sector"

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Hala 4 - 56

We provide measurement and regulations systems for drinking and wastewater treatment technological units and for technical security of buildings, including electro-installations. We provide electro-installation revisions and professional consultancy for solutions of specific realization in the ...

Hala 4 - 38

Chromservis s.r.o. company is a fast and reliable partner for analytic problem solutions in laboratories and industrial applications. Main activities: process measurements of dissolvent oxygen concentration, conductivity, opacity and pH, measurement of bio-gas composition, gas detection (both ...

Hala 3 - 47

Producers of electronic level and flow measurement systems for all kinds of water in all areas of water management.

Globally active company focused on the development and production of top-level equipment for industrial measuring techniques: Liquid analysis: pH/ORP, chlorine, conductance, oxygen, turbidity, chemical analysis, etc. Flow measurements, pressure measurements, level measurements, temperature ...

Hala 3 - 63

We do business in the electrical segment, focusing on supplies of technology control systems for water management. We provide: consulting and projecting services, manufacture of switchboards, control system applications and development of management system software for dispatching offices. We offer ...

Hala 3 - 1

Water analysis instruments. Manufacturing of instruments for processl and laboratory measurements - oxygen, pH, ORP, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, turbidity, organic substances.

Complete water treatment and chemical fluid handling solutions, including supply of UV lamps, ozonizers, RO units, UF units, chlorodioxide generators, electrolyzers, dosing pumps, dosing skid systems, plastic tanks and transport pumps for chemicals, Measuring and Control (pH, ORP, FAC, ozone) ...

Hala 3 - 37

Siemens Czech Republic is part of the global technology holding Siemens AG, which has stood for state-of-the-art technology, innovation, quality and reliability for more than 170 years. It offers the advanced digital Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities solutions to companies, municipalities and other ...

Hala 4 - 67

Technology for treatment and sanitation of drinking water.

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