Exhibitors for the category "6. - Sewage and drainage pipelines and fittings"

ACO Group is a leading European producer of components for building industry active in 40 countries. The annual turnover of the Group makes 775 million euro. The Group runs 30 production plants in 12 countries and more than 60 distribution companies. In total the company employs approximately 4,800 ...

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B&BC, a.s., Company belongs to the most important producers of concrete construction elements, transport-concrete and processed concrete reinforcements in the Czech Republic. The Company's legal predecessor dates back to 1949. The Company strives to respond to the customers' demands and to develop ...

Böhm - extruplast s.r.o. - a manufacturer and supplier of drainage and soaking systems, cable protectors and rain water reservoirs. Represented companies: Otto Graf GmbH, WPS Water Pipe System GmbH.

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CS-BETON manufactures prefab parts for sewer systems, drainage, seepage and wells.

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Equipment for physical and chemical treatment of drinking water, waste water and industrial water, oxidation, disinfection (O3, UV, CI2, CIO2), removal of contaminants from the landfills seepages. Pipe lines accessories (fixed and flex couplings TEEKAY, distance RACI sliding sleeves, insulating ...

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Plastic pipes manufacturer with the main focus on pipes for the distribution of drinking water from PE material and sewerage of PP material.

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Czech producer of sewage troughs, pipes, bricks and pipes made of basalt. High chemical resistance, hardness, frost resistance and abrasion resistance.

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Pipe and cable press seals. Wall sleeves. Protectors and casings. Flange isolations. Pressed loose flanges. Pipe supports, pipe hinges. Covers and inspection doors in tanks.

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