Exhibitors for the category "5. - Water piping, adapting pieces and fittings"

Hala 3 - 58

European manufacturer of industrial valves.

Hala 4 - 62

Delivery of aeration systems ATAir, representation of the companies EDI (aeration systems), Caprari (pumps and mixers for waste and clean water), ROBUSCHI (blowers, vacuum pumps), machinery and equipment SERVICE in the field of water and waste water management. MIXEL agitators (mixers for waste and ...

Hala 3 - 36

Gate valves and flaps Talis Belgicast, hydrants Keulahütte Krauswitz, spherical valves Cimberio, brass quick couplings Caleffi, plastic push-fit quick couplings Push-fit TALIS-UK, regulation valves CLA-VAL, repairing pipe and coupling material Talis Leya and RACI, UFR, displacement protected ...

Hala 4 - 28

Hala 4 - 16

Manufacturer and wholesaler of ductile iron valves, hydrants and fittings. Represented companies: BLUCAST. Business names/product branches: BLUCAST.

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Hala 4 - 38

Equipment for physical and chemical treatment of drinking water, waste water and industrial water, oxidation, disinfection (O3, UV, CI2, CIO2), removal of contaminants from the landfills seepages. Pipe lines accessories (fixed and flex couplings TEEKAY, distance RACI sliding sleeves, insulating ...

Hala 3 - 6

Plastic pipes manufacturer with the main focus on pipes for the distribution of drinking water from PE material and sewerage of PP material.

Hala 3 - 49

Production of plastic pipe systems and pipe boards.

Material and technology for the construction of water pipelines, gas pipelines, sewage systems and industrial distribution systems.

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