Exhibitors for the category "15. - Construction and supply chain"

Supplier of ERGELIT sewerage mortar mixes.

Hala 4 - 36

Water management structures, projects, supply and assembly of investment units for WWTPs and WTPs, technology control systems for industry and environmental management. Manufacture and supply of communal, agricultural and industrial biogas stations.

Hala 2 - D 7

Represented companies: TERRA AG Reiden, Švýcarsko.

Hala 3 - 39

Hala 3 - 14

A specialised wholesale of the complete portfolio of water supply material. A supplier of steel pipes (SALZGITTER MANNESMANN LINE PIPE GmbH), egeplast plastic pipes (Gerex s.r.o. Liberec) and other pipe systems for water supply pipelines, gas pipelines and product pipelines.

Venkovní plocha 11A
Hala 4 - 55

SMP CZ operates in the area of civil engineering in the Czech and Slovak Republics and ranks among fifteen leading building companies on the Czech market. In the area of water management building, SMP CZ implements and delivers complete waste water treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants ...

Venkovní plocha 2
Hala 4 - 47

A water supply company providing services associated with the treatment and distribution of drinking water, and drainage and treatment of waste water.

Venkovní plocha 10
Hala 4 - 71

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