Exhibitors for the category "14.6. - Consultancy for environmental protection"

Hala 4 - 53

We offer our clients a wide spectrum of services in all branches of water management, from the supply and treatment of drinking water, waste water purification and construction of sewer networks up to dam construction, weir structures, flood protection for cities, municipalities, industrial ...

Hala 4 - 40

Consulting services, monitoring, software in the area water management. Supply and service of measuring equipment. Representative of companies: Nivus, ADS, Fiedler. Trade name/brand of products: Nivu Flow.

Hala 3 - 7

Samplers, flow meters, probes, monitoring stations and analysers. Provider of services associated with the measuring of waste and surface water quality and quantity. Represented companies: TELEDYNE ISCO, Inc/USA, AQUALABO GROUPE/FRANCE, TRIOS/GERMANY, EUREKA WATER PROBES/USA.

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