Exhibitors for the category "4. - Operation of water mains and sewer systems"

Our company operates in the area of water management equipment for the treatment and distribution of drinking water, collection and treatment of waste water. We provide turnkey deliveries of technology units including maintenance, repairs and service.

Member of the group of leading European manufacturer of nodular cast iron tubes and adapting pipes offers: - tubes from the ductile cast iron for water and sewage pipelines DN 80-1000, trenchless technologies, pressure distribution systems, snow-making systems - complete range of socket and ...

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Hala 4 - 31

Manufacture, sale and service of cleaning and monitoring equipment for sewerage systems, recycling and combined vehicles, high-pressure nozzles, accessories, sewer robots.

Hala 4 - 57

Measuring instruments for detection of hidden leaks in water distribution lines, reduction of losses, monitoring of network parameters and tracing of engineering networks routes.

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Thanks to more than 20 years spent as a user of combined cleaning and suction machines we can now offer a high quality product as a manufacturer. Our connection with SINZ Fahrzeugbau GmbH allow us to offer highly advanced machines.

Hala 3 - 43

We manufacture high-quality stainless steel chains and components to produce chain binding means or pump binding means.

Hala 4 - 38

We supply technologies for cable and pipeline routing, for prevention of water and gas leaks and cameras for inspections of water and sewage pipelines. Represented companies/trade names/brands: RADIODETECTION, PRIMAYER, iPEK.

Hala 4 - 16

In-vehicle equipment, distribution of tools and building mechanisation. Represented companies: SORTIMO, MILWAUKEE, SAVA, TELESTEPS, HUSQVARNA.

Hala 4 - 26

Rubberized-fabric products - pipe stoppers, rehabilitation packers, lifting bags, sealing bags for cracks.

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