Exhibitors for the category "3.13. - Domestic wastewater treatment plants"

Hala 4 - 23

ACO Marine is a member of the ACO Group. The land division activities are focused specially on development, production and delivery of waste water treatment plants for home and communal applications.

Venkovní plocha 14
Hala 4 - 66

The joint-stock company B & BC a.s., is one of the major manufacturers of concrete building blocks and transport concrete products in the Czech Republic. The company was incorporated in 1949, with its new history beginning by privatisation in 1992. The company strives to actively react to customer ...

Hala 4 - 9

Production, service, engineering: Domestic treatment plants, biological wastewater treatment plants for 50 - 2 000 PE, oil separator EKONOIL, grease traps LT and LT-V, oil skimmer ROPAK, Composting toilet EKOSTER. Founded in 1992 – 25 years of experience. Trade names/brands: Domestic WWTP D5-35 ...

Hala 3 - 44

Complete deliveries of wastewater treatment plants of different sizes. Trade names/brands: FLEXIDIBLOK, MONOBLOK-T, TOPAS.